Guest blog by Thienhuong Nguyen

In 1999, with a team of 1, Christa Scholtz took on the role of manager and coordinator of Home-Start Westminster and has since made it grow with her vision, wisdom, creativity and ingenuity.

Home-Start Westminster has flourished under Christa’s leadership, as have the children and parents whom our volunteers and coordinators have supported. It goes without saying that Christa’s unique brand of intuitiveness and her free spirited, fun loving and compassionate approach has taken Home-Start Westminster on a path which sees the needs of children and their families, working with them on a relational and reflective level, nurturing their abilities and confidence so that they can access the opportunities which so many others take for granted. Christa’s passion for encouraging staff and volunteers to develop their emotional intelligence has made HSW stand out as a place where families feel seen and heard, so they can begin to make the changes they want to make in their lives.

As Christa has left Home-Start Westminster in September 2016 and she will be missed enormously by all those whom she has met, worked with and supported, we will ensure the organisation will always hold onto the ethos and remembering Christa’s mantra when asked what Home-Start does: that ‘we remind families they matter’.

Thienhuong Nguyen

Scheme Manager (from October 2016)

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