It is not what you do, but the way that you do it!!!!

What is it that we do? This is a question that comes up all the time and I reflect on in an obsessive way. What we do is so subtle, that it is not easy to capture with the crude evaluation systems available. People are not tick box ready and neither is what we do. However we need to be able to measure and say what we do and provide evidence that it works. I have always said that we remind people that they matter. Recently as I left a family, just after meeting for the first time, she thanked me profusely. I said that I had not done anything yet. She responded with a warm smile: “but you have given me hope.” What a privileged position to be in, to give people hope and what a responsibility.  One, I know all our volunteers grab with both hands and heart!!!! How do you capture this outcome with all its subtle implications?

I looked for quotes on Hope and it is worth looking on the internet.  Some of the quotes are so inspirational.

I then came across the last recording that Harvey Milk made. What  resonated for me was how he talked about all the minorities he fought for. He did not say them and those people, but he called them, the us’s (us’ses). It is such an inclusive word and resonated for me in terms of the way that we do, what we do in Home-Start Westminster. Not hard to reach, but us!!!!!

If you want to care for families you have to care about them.

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