Home is where the heart is.

Why do we have to have such big houses? Home really is where the heart is as in dreams; houses will often represent the core of your being. It is often used as metaphors when families feed back to us and I don’t think that is by accident. Recently a young mother was encouraged by her volunteer to talk to me about something she was not happy about. My heart leapt with joy when she did, as I knew what a huge step this was for her and how far she had come. We always learn so much from our families when they question what we do and how and when they feed back to us. At the end of an interesting discussion she said to me that she always knew she could be a wife and a mother, but that Emily, the family support coordinator and I had come into her “home” and had opened the windows and let the light in. She also told me that her volunteer was like a candle that remained lit. I did a review visit with her a week later and joined her and her daughter for a wonderful lunch she had prepared for us. We don’t encourage this, but just sometimes that is also part of the process of developing inter-relationships. She then told me that her partner had said to her the night before that none of the positive things would have happened, if it were not for Home-Start Westminster. This kind of feedback is often the true measure of our work and we do not always have the time to capture it.  When a family has taken a difficult step forward we often reflect on how our work offers us the opportunity to do these precious journeys with families and we are rewarded in a way that no money could buy. Recently in a psychological test all my staff and I failed miserably in one area and it had to do with the importance of status. We all scored 0 and it came as no surprise to me. Our rewards are priceless and have to do with the heart not the head.

If you want care for families you have to care about them.

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