From Hope to Joy

The story of Eros and Psyche is one of my favourite stories and considered as a road map for psychological development. Love – Eros falls in love with Psyche – Soul and once Psyche has travelled through the under world and overcome many many challenges they are reunited and once married they have a baby called Joy. Many years ago now, a woman who had such a journey into the underworld, walked into my office and asked if I thought she could be a volunteer. After doing the initial interview, I said to her that I thought she would make a wonderful volunteer. After the first session of our preparation course she asked if she could see me and said that she did not feel she could do the course. She was not confident and she felt overwhelmed and was scared of being asked questions she could not answer. I told her that we were failing her if she felt like that. Here was a very articulate person who had admitted to struggling academically but was clearly able. It all seemed very familiar to me and I asked her if anyone had ever checked if she had dyslexia. To cut a long story short it turned out that she was very dyslexic. We agreed to have certain signs and ways that I could support her in the group and she not only completed the preparation course, but also the accreditation. I remember her coming to the hospital with me after falling off my bike and breaking my arm, so that she could get support to complete the accreditation on time.

Recently she came for supervision and to see this bubbly young woman sitting in front of me so full of confidence, doing many different jobs, still supporting one of our families and just enjoying life, was such joy. She wanted to shout her success off the roof tops, how her life had changed and how she had grown in confidence. She could not believe how doors were opening for her and how things were just falling into her lap. She just could not stop smiling. Her name is Joy.

Home- Start Westminster’s core work is to support families, but we also support our volunteers because they are the heart of the organisation. Both staff and volunteer development is high on our agenda. We love seeing volunteers go onto further training and finding direction and careers and actively support that. Going back to work is a journey as life is and Home-Start Westminster enjoys playing a small part in that journey with our volunteers and with our families.

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  1. What a wonderful story. It just goes to show how just a little bit of support can make such a huge difference.

  2. It inspired me so much I joined up!

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