When People Start Thinking About Philanthropy-It Can Change Communities

In the book “Owning your Shadow” by Robert A. Johnson he tells one of Jung’s favorite stories which goes something like this. The water of life bubbled up and made itself known at an artesian well and flowed without effort or limit. People came and drank and were nourished since it was pure and clear and invigorating. But humankind was not content to leave things in this Edenic state.  Gradually they began to fence the well, charge admission, claim ownership of the property around it. Make elaborate laws as to who could come to the well, put locks on the gates. Soon the well was the property of the powerful and the elite. The water was angry and offended: it stopped flowing and began to bubble up in another place. The people who owned the property around the first well were so engrossed in their power systems and ownership that they did not notice that the water had vanished. They continued selling the nonexistent water and few people noticed that the true power had gone. Some people noticed and searched with great courage and found the new artesian well. Sadly the same process continued as before and does today. Although this is a sad story the water is always flowing somewhere and it takes courage to find. At the moment because of the difficult financial climate we at Home-Start Westminster need all those who are brave and courageous to help us find new sources of funds so that we can do our cost effective preventative work and support families experiencing difficulties.  Every drop of water is important no matter how small or large. If you can make a donation or give the gift of time come and volunteer and join the Home-Start Westminster family. We make a difference!

To paraphrase Bill Gates: “Philanthropy…..it’s the best of capitalism….you go and create good circumstances for other people.

To paraphrase Warren Buffet: “Giving changes people’s lives for the better”

To paraphrase Melinda Gates: “People give what they are driven by – passionate about.

(Interview: Charlie Rose – Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet)
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  1. Thanks for the lovely feedback it is much appreciated.

  2. Very true.

  3. What a lovely story. I do agree. Here in Ficksburg in South Africa we are experiencing a flood of water as we have started a one community organization to address the problems of all children in our community. For about a month now we have been giving streetchildren within our town one meal per day. Being a small town we feed up to 40 boys per day. We have just started giving breakfast as well. But we are only reaching these boys for now. What about the girls. And what about all those others that we are not touching at all. For now in survival mode as all are leaving for xmas but we look forward toward solving some more problems come 2011. Most heartening is that our organization comprises members from all communities in our town. I say this as RSA communities are because of our past so divided. Go well with your own endeavours!

  4. How lovely to hear your story of community. Small can be so beautiful and it just takes everyone who can to do what they can.

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