The current Black Lives Matter movements taking place around the world in response to the death of George Floyd are a powerful reminder that work still needs to be done to erase racism. The focus has been on the US, however here in the UK, there is still much work needed to ensure that our places of work and institutions, and the cultures and communities they foster, are free from structural racism.

As an organisation, we are committed to ensuring that equal opportunities is a reality for our families, volunteers and staff. We will continue to support families to fulfil their potential, fight inequality and allow their voices to be heard.

For some families, the protests and frustration may bring up memories that they are not ready to deal with. Families may also find it hard to answer questions from children about what is taking place around them. Although uncomfortable at first, it begins the dialogue for change to take place. We are our children’s first educator and this is no exception.

Dr Pragya Agarwal and Freddie Harrel give excellent guidance on how to talk with children beginning with the need to start the conversation early – “Make talking about skin colour normal and encourage respectful curiosity. Never shush them or show that talking about someone’s skin colour is awkward or embarrassing.” Their full interview, found here, gives information about how to have the discussion around race and the suggestions of having books around you and having the discussion about race with yourself first.

Here are some resources you could use to talk about race with your family.

For Children:

Educating You: