Big Hopes Big Future

Big Hopes Big Future (BHBF) is Home-Start UK’s evidence-based school readiness programme, aimed at preparing children and their parents to be ‘ready for school’, so that children can start school equipped to make the most of their education.

BHBF recognises the importance of a good home learning environment on children’s readiness for school and learning. BHBF places specially trained volunteers with families who may be struggling to support their children with developing the social, emotional and cognitive skills needed to thrive in a nursery or school setting.

A BHBF volunteer can:

  • Support parents to read and plan play activities with their children at home,
  • Help parents to establish routines (e.g. bedtime routines),
  • Support parents to give positive encouragement to their child,
  • Encourage quality one-to-one time between parents and their children,
  • Encourage increased social opportunities for children.

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